Statement on Kenny Klein

The members of Birch and Maple Coven & Grove never met Kenny Klein. By the time we began with Blue Star, he was already jailed. However we believe that the judicial process was carried out fairly and that justice was done.

There’s no single person in charge of Blue Star, but we do understand how he was important to the early spread of our tradition. It is incumbent on us to do better. The structure of hierarchical, initiatory mystery traditions such as ours make it attractive to those who would abuse power. We strive to set appropriate boundaries between coven and grove members regardless of rank or longevity within the tradition, and encourage all members to build trust and ties with members of other Blue Star Covens and Groves. We believe that communication and transparency are key in preventing future abuse.

We aim for transparency on our site, with those potentially seeking to join us, and among our current members. We want them to know both the truth about our history and what we have done since in order to prevent abuses of power from having the chance to happen either at present or in the future. This is something that we continue to work on with great mindfulness and due diligence.

Lady Winter, 3rd Degree of Birch and Maple
HPx Raven, 2nd Degree of Birch and Maple