About Birch & Maple

Birch & Maple is a coven and grove in Winchester, MA. We typically hold rituals on New Moons, Full Moons, and the eight Sabbats per year as well as in person and virtual classes for our members. Most of us are local to Winchester and the surrounding areas and welcome new students who are in or nearby who are at least 18 years old and can commit to meeting in person a couple of times per month. The coven and grove is run by Lady Winter and contains two other members of the High Priesthood: Lord Nyx and Raven, who is a High Priestix.

Our Demographics

We are scientists, software engineers, artists, writers, crafters, gamers, and lovers of books and learning. You will find introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts among us.

We are neurodiverse and celebrate the different ways our brains handle and process information, and gear our teachings to best suit those differences. Birch & Maple is anti-ableism and work constantly to make sure that our teachings are accessible to those who need it.

We are representative of all stripes of the rainbow within the LGBTQIA+ community. Birch & Maple welcomes all sexualities and genders, including those who would describe themselves as “none.” Among us you can find transgender, non-binary, genderqueer, agender, multigender, genderfluid, asexual, aromantic, bisexual, pansexual as well as the entirety of the asexual and aromantic spectrums. Some of us simply describe ourselves as “queer.” No matter who and what you are, who you love, or how you love, you are welcomed here.

Our coven and grove contains mainly Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Xers but are welcoming of all ages. We honor our respective differences and both celebrate and aim to learn from them.