Hello and well met from Greater Boston!

Birch & Maple is a Blue Star coven and grove in Winchester, MA just outside of Boston. We are focused on the teachings of Blue Star Wicca and the worship of the Old Gods. Our Tradition is very similar to that of other British Traditional Wiccan groups. We have a highly structured elevation path that focuses on personal growth, learning, and development.

Our Coven Beliefs

We value historical texts and the teachings of those who came before us, as well as the unique spiritual paths and insights of our members. The focus of our group is strongly influenced by our members’ interests and our personal experiences with deity. We are an orthopraxic group.  That is to say, what is most important is what we do. We do not require certain beliefs.  

Our practice often reflects the duality of our Goddess and God, but it doesn’t necessarily conform to the custom of gender-linked or biological-sex-determined officiant roles. We work with many deities, many forms of duality other than the traditional gender binary, and we take joy in the variety of gender and roles in our world and in our practice. We are also aware that British Traditional Wicca developed in a heterocentric, binarist paradigm. Those are our roots. We value where we come from and make changes conservatively, as needed. We have female Priests, non-binary Priestix and other trans folk, and aromantic and asexual folk amongst us as well as many other members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Here in Birch and Maple, we honor each of their perspectives and gifts.

Birch & Maple utterly rejects racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, queerphobia, ableism, sizeism, classism, and transphobia. We believe diversity strengthens us as individuals and as witches; we embrace all facets of the human condition. Our students and members are different in gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion of origin, and age, as well as in cultural backgrounds, life experiences, economic status, thoughts and ideas. Magic and witchcraft is for the marginalized; this is true both historically and today and we are mindful of this fact.

Our Boston based coven welcomes and respect the stranger, the so-called other. We believe that gender (in all of its variations), sex, skin color, religion of origin, preference in partner, or biological status are facets of an individual’s overall being, and all are welcome here: no requirement for participation in our class or coven is based on any biological facet.

We believe that any act that takes place between consenting adults is beautiful. There is never shame in any body type, physical expression, disability, or adornment. All acts of love and pleasure are her rituals, within the context of enthusiastic consent!

The Craft empowers the individual and imbues each practitioner with complete self sovereignty. No teacher, priest/ess/ix, member, or student of Birch & Maple will ever violate the autonomy of another.

Who We Are As A Coven

Birch & Maple Coven and Grove consists of adults in the Greater Boston area with families and work commitments who live full, well rounded lives. We are open to working with similar adults. Also we allow family participation once children are old enough to understand and not interfere with rituals.

Birch & Maple is highly focused on intimate relationship with Divinity, personal responsibility, and continuous learning. Growth is a sometimes uncomfortable, continuous path for us: we expect the same from others. The only constant is change.

To learn more about us, check out our About Us and Frequently Asked Questions pages.