Coven Law

Here is the coven law for Birch and Maple Coven & Grove. We expect both members and seekers alike to adhere to these policies.

Many of our policies within this coven law may be seen as some as being intuitive, but we wish to address and spell things out clearly so that there is no confusion. We want people to be in as comfortable and as safe a space as possible.

If you wish to learn more about the Blue Star Wiccan tradition in general, please visit the Blue Star Foundation website.

  1. Be mindful that the space we use is borrowed space, shared by many faiths.
  2. Be respectful of the space, members of the coven and grove, guests, and anyone else you are in contact through Birch and Maple.
  3. Be respectful of the gods.
  4. All active members are expected to be at circles; members who cannot make it to a circle should advise prior to the event, so that sufficient preparations can be made.
    • Members who are unable to attend a circle they were expecting to officiate need to contact the High Priesthood, and assist in making alternate arrangements for the officiating of the circle.
  5. All participants are responsible for set up and clean-up of the meeting location before and after circles and meetings, or the covenstead for pre-ritual preparation.
    • All members are responsible for cleaning up after their own feast prep and feast dishes.
    • All members are responsible for keeping supplies and storage areas neat and clean, under the supervision of the Hands.
  6. All participants are expected to be mentally, emotionally, physically, and magically present for coven and grove events which they attend.
    • Be aware that alcohol and mind-altering drugs can affect one’s ability to participate in Circle.
      • i. No one shall come to a coven or grove event under the influence of alcohol or drugs that would prevent them from being able to be able to participate in Circle.
        • ii. Prescription and other mood-altering medications should be taken as needed, though please notify the High Priesthood if these have the potential to affect your ability to participate in Circle.
          • iii. Some foods can be grounding (heavy, salty foods, some find caffeine and sugary foods to also be grounding). Please be aware of this before consuming them at a time that will affect your ability to participate in the energy work of Circle.
          • It is the responsibility of each participant to be aware of their ability to fully participate in coven and grove events in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. Participants should seek out the High Priesthood, or other elder of the coven if aid or counsel is required.
  7. No one may bring illegal items (e.g. illegal drugs, weapons, or other contraband) to the covenstead or meeting location, with the exception of necessary ritual tools as approved by the High Priesthood.
  8. The Teacher-Student relationship creates a power dynamic that makes romantic or sexual relationships inadvisable. Teachers will not engage in sexual relationships with students. Sex shall never be required for any ritual or rite of passage.
  9. When attending pagan festivals and other events, members must be mindful that they represent Birch and Maple Coven and Grove and Blue Star, and should conduct themselves appropriately.